Periodic Table of the Elements: Uranium

Name: Uranium
Symbol: U
Atomic Number: 92
Atomic Mass: 238.03
Atomic Volume: 12.50 cc/mol
Discovered By: First isolated by Peligot in 1841, Uranium-color glass was produced as early as 79 AD
Discovery Date: 1841
Origin of Name: Uranium - named for the planet Uranus
Toxicity: Toxic (as are other actinoids) because of radioactivity. Uranium compounds are toxic (attack the kidneys).
Summary: Uranium is found in ores only. Uranium-235 is the isotope used in nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs. It can be fissioned by bombardment by slow neutrons. The fission of uranium produces more neutrons which continues the chain reaction. Uranium is the heaviest element that is found naturally to any large extent. Uranium salts are used in coloring glass and porcelein glazes yellow.

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