Things You Won't See on CNN

freeze frame of shipboard gun firing
korean air cargo plane tipped back
crewman runs for cover as fighter plane on aircraft carrier deck fires missle
passanger plane half submerged in water
police car pinned under fighter plane
freeze frame of pilot ejecting at low altitude during airshow
tank tipped onto its front
Russian Knights planes in flight collision
fighter plane flies by aircraft carrier deck sideways
aircraft carrier tips as it makes sharp turn
low flying passenger jet with door open
containers and possibly ship sinking into the water
plane coming in for landing as men clear debris from runway
saudi arabian airlines plane precariously crashed
container ship run aground on beach
freeze frame of tank firing main cannon 01
freeze frame of tank firing main cannon 02
fighter plane on take off from aircraft carrier
missile from fighter plane slides off of aircraft carrier deck
fallen containers on container ship
ocean wave washes over big ships deck
firey blast cloud near shipping containers
small plane caught in power lines
tornado in midair
train car back hoe front loader

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