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Welcome to Here you'll find an eclectic mix of galleries and reference materials. Many of these pages were built as experiments, or for a specific offline project, and I put them here because they might prove useful to other people. So please enjoy, and if you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.


CD label template

cd jewel box liner templates

Random Quote

displays randomly selected quote from its list - also download page for desktop application (mac classic)

Country Codes

internet two-letter country codes, nation abbreviations


Periodic Table

periodic table of the elements through element 104

Book of Matthew

the Book of Matthew in Latin and English

Record Labels

record label directory with contact info for record companies


Complete Sonnets

all of the sonnets written by William Shakespeare

Sonnet of the Day

daily sonnet


free glossary of Shakespeare's english; for Macintosh classic

Animal Galleries

Cute Animals

adorable creature photo gallery

Animal Identity Theft

animals looking like eachother

People Galleries

Jessica Simpson

actress and singer Jessica Simpson pictures

Paris Hilton

actress and heiress Paris Hilton wearing bikinis

Monet Mazur

actress Monet Mazur posing

Celebs and Their Twins

celebrities and the people, characters and animals they look like

Miscellaneous Galleries

Metropolitan Museum of Art

sculptures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

Free Pictures

sometimes funny, always cool, images from around the web

Not on CNN

amazing things you won't see on CNN, or likely any other news show


fuzzy fractals of computer generated land



homepage of this site

Write Me

if you have any questions, please let me know

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